Infrastructural developement plans

 Dear Members,
You will be happy to note that we have planned to take up beautification and upgradation of existing facilities for the comfort of our members as well as put up some additional facilities in the club. The details are as follows:
1. Exclusive-- total upliftment of decor ( work to be done from 6th Aug-06 till 30th August-06-- during this time there will be no booking of Exclusive. We regret the inconvinience caused )
2. Main Hall -- carry out necessaru modificication in internal decor and lighting conducive for holding marriage receptions/ parties, seminars / meetings or seminars with dinner . The work will be started from 1st September-06 and last for the whole of the month. during this time there will be no booking of Main hall . We regret the inconvinience caused .
3. Putting up additional play items for children in the front lawn- NW end towards tennis court .
4. Make a childrens corner ( hall )just inside the main entry . The plans have been developed and we shall be submitting the plans for approval to JNAC by 15th August-06. We hope to complete the same by the end of the year - a centenary gift from tata Steel to its officer members as well as other esteemed fellow members from the society
5. We are in the process of erecting a fully automatic covered two lane Bowling Alley ( first in Jamshedpur)with a small cafeteria. The plans have already been submitted to JNAC and we expect to start work from 1st Sept-06 and complete by 29th Dec-06 -- again a grand centenary gift to the members courtesy- PRAXAIR - the principal sponsoror

6. Develope the old " Skyroom" into a modern seminar cum meeting room for 40-50 persons. The drawings have already been developed

7. Upgrade the Swagat restuaraunt as well as present lounge -- aesthetic interior decor and upholstry change

8. Reverberate the corridors of the club and all sitting places with soft sooting individual channel controlled central music system
9. Lastly, increase the seating capacity of the bar by suitable modifications. We are in the final discussions with few sponsorors.

We hope the steps planned and being taken are in line with your expectations. All members co-operation and support is highly solicited.


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